Mothers Day is in two weeks!

Did you know that Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks!! I always find it hard to shop for my parents and in-laws because it is hard to find anything special that they haven’t already seen or been given throughout the … Continue reading

vintage style statement necklace… yes please!!

Vintage upcycled pieces come together to make one of a kind statement necklaces and bracelets in the etsy shop Modulation Jewelry. I really like these eclectic pieces and would actually love to make a few of my own! These would look … Continue reading

buying vintage for Christmas

The countdown has begun only 14 days left until Christmas! So if you still have to get through your list, consider buying vintage! This little golden book I spied while downtown yesterday will make a perfect gift topper for “baby’s … Continue reading

dollar store crafts that are amazing

Never underestimate the dollar store again… all I have to say is whoa. I knew that the dollar store was the best bargain for basic off-brand staples in a pinch you know, tissue paper, paper plates, cheap picture frames etc. … Continue reading

casting and preserving nature into fashion jewelry

Casting and preserving nature into fashion jewelry is the mission of a wonderful new etsy jewelry shop I ran across tonight CocoNaty. Einat Cohen Tzedek is the designer, and she finds inspiration in nature and uses items like seashells and acorns to … Continue reading

Easy DIY ribbon bracelet tutorial

Looking for a great summer craft that is both easy and fun? This bracelet tutorial I found on Pinterest is so simple, affordable and turns out just like the picture! I found most of the supplies, (beads, ribbon and jewelery string) … Continue reading

your journey of love comes home

how do you incorporate your love of family, your favorite personal pictures and effects without going gaga all over your house and leaving visitors wondering if you are self-obsessed? Well, the old adage “Less is More” holds true in this … Continue reading