Painting for Kids- Outdoor Sheet Painting

Use a plain white sheet for outdoor painting for kids! We used watercolors and created a beautiful tent. This is a great project for a lazy Summer day.

I have many different painting for kids posts that you can find here but this week I wanted to share a really fun and easy outdoor idea. I was inspired by the documentary I just watched with my kids Given. I … Continue reading

Clay Creations, the class

I just finished my second art class session this week and it was a blast! This class focused on creating imprints with nature objects in clay. We used leaves, pinecones, seashells, twigs and flowers and they turned out so beautiful! … Continue reading

Spring Photos and Lately

This is my favorite time of year. I love Spring because I get so inspired to start new projects and be outside. I love outdoor living. It is so much easier to entertain the kids outside in the beautiful sunshine … Continue reading

DIY clay creations

DIY clay creations

We did this little DIY clay creations project on Friday after I attempted a run around our neighborhood. Along the way we stopped and picked up a few things like we did the day of our scavenger hunt with our … Continue reading

Toddler Treasure Map and Scavenger Hunt Printables

Toddler Treasure Map

Imaginative play is starting in full swing for Gemma as she approaches three years and I am trying to help her have fun in her newfound adventureland. I came up with a cute idea, somewhat out of end of summer … Continue reading