Organization tips for the first day of school

Free printable first day of school signs to help with Fall time organization

My middle baby is starting kindergarten! I cannot believe it. I always wondered what it would be like to be entering the 2018 school year and here it is! The year I have two kids in big kid school. I … Continue reading

What is creativity? Three ways to find your creativity

Let's discuss what being creative really means. Creativity is not reserved for only artsy people, we all have it, here's how to tap into yours!

People have been telling me I’m creative my whole life I always giggle a little when someone says this because I think, aren’t we all? There’s nothing special about me and my “creativity”, I’m no different from anyone else in … Continue reading

How to paint a unicorn

Watercolor tutorial, how to paint a purple unicorn. Learn to paint a unicorn with your kids with simple step by step instructions.

This week, we are finally on Summer break! No school schedules anymore so we are taking advantage of the beach, running around in the sprinklers and painting some purple unicorns. My daughter’s and I sat down to film our latest … Continue reading

How to paint a rainbow pineapple

Help kids learn to paint a pineapple with watercolor using our tutorial!

Pineapples are so trendy right now! This week I’ve got a new watercolor tutorial up on Youtube with step by step instructions on how to paint a rainbow pineapple! My little daughter and I had a lot of fun learning … Continue reading