colorful outdoor places around the world

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overgrown architecture makes great photography

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ghost buildings, they aren’t scary

Ghost Building Photography- José Antonio Millán

Last week, I started blogging a little bit about Architectural Ruins and this week I would like to share with you some photography by Jose Antonio Millan entitled Ghost Buildings that I have come across while further researching this very interesting and open-ended genre of architecture. I am so intrigued by these spaces because they are such large portraits of history, building technique and immense thought process– in short, they house an untold story.

Ghost Building Photography by José Antonio Millán

In these photographs, Millan brilliantly captures what was and what could have been in otherwise abandoned and uninhabited architecture. Dilapidated buildings offer so many questions and can often be stark reminders of a time and life that once was.

Ghost Building Photography by José Antonio Millán

Here lies the place where color, texture and wear converge from the inside out and this can seem daunting, frightening and undesirable.. or it can be seen as art such as captured by Millan. I see this kind of architecture in cities all over the world, what once was new and shiny now stands abandoned as a reminder of failure, of closed doors, but it could also be a simple suggestion of hope.

Do ruins intrigue anyone else? If so, why? I am really seeking some input on this topic, it is so fascinating.

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