Pretty pink vintage finds

Vintage finds for sale

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week! We are starting school over here and are so excited for the new year. I found some really fun vintage pieces this weekend that I’d like to share with you! … Continue reading

vintage bedtime stories baby shower

bedtime stories- amy+mayd

This was a fun baby shower I helped throw for my dear sister-in-law. We wanted to do a vintage style bedtime stories theme. I found these great children’s illustrations in an old nursery rhyme book and photocopied them and glued them to … Continue reading

simple shutters add serious charm

I picked up six vintage shutters and two really cool vintage windows at a market a few weeks ago and I am so excited about how many different ideas I have come up with just looking at them! Right now, … Continue reading

how to decorate a partial height wall or ledge

In my house, we have several partial height walls that have ledges at the top. Currently, I have all of mine bare because they are a challenge to decorate. I have seen many people use fake plants and collections of … Continue reading

wall hooks with many uses…

I have noticed that wall hooks have more than just one use for your keys or jacket. You can use them as a great decor and organizational tool. In your bathroom you can use them to hang your towels or … Continue reading